Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Similar to Bloodroot, Hepatica blooms early and briefly - you have to stay alert to catch it in the spring! On first glance Hepatica can look a little like Bloodroot, but the leaves are very different. These flowers were growing along the staircase up to the cabin. Sometimes the leaves are green, but along the staircase they were dark red - can you spot their three-lobed shapes among the dead tree leaves? The Hepatica was also blooming all along the bank overlooking the little creek in the ravine, at the bottom of the wooden staircase on the Cabin Loop Trail.
Hepatica can be white or lavender in color:
My favorite thing about Hepatica though? It's fuzzy! The stems and new buds are covered with white fuzzy hairs, probably as insulation from the cold temperatures of early spring.

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