Sunday, December 1, 2013

Northern Water Snake Shedding

Yesterday our Northern Water Snake was shedding her skin underwater - in the video you can see how she presses against the aquarium glass to help peel away the old skin, pretty cool!

Northern Water Snakes are one of the most common snakes encountered at Eagle Creek Park - they are non-venomous, but sadly are frequently confused with the venomous Cottonmouth (aka Water Moccasin) which only occurs in one location in extreme southern Indiana.  Northern Water Snakes usually swim or slither away as fast as they can if they encounter a human, but if grabbed or cornered they'll defend themselves by biting vigorously.  Like most wild animals, they're best enjoyed with a hands off approach!

This particular Water Snake happens to be fairly mellow for her species - she generally doesn't try to bite or strike when handled, although she does have an occasional grumpy day (and who doesn't?)